Friday, 24 February 2012

Walk Along the Clyde River

Holding hands together ,
With dreams of a lovely union,
And a gush of emotions flowing within,
In silence, both SHE and I, have
a wonderful walk along the Clyde river.

Silence was creeping in the dark woods,
the sounds of our hearts palpitating was loud,
myriads of words we wanted to utter, but,
In silence,both SHE and I , have
a wonderful walk along the Clyde river.

Slowly my arms curled round her hips,
She lay my head, over my broad shoulders,
Mesmerized I was, at her enchanting looks...
Suddenly she stopped and turned to look,
Her intense gaze got me tantalized!

Firey love gleaming in abundance,
Passions and Desires rushing in opulence,
Amidst the silence of the woods,
Those magical words,she said with effusion,
My face beamed in joy with effulgence.

Yes, the silent wood had broken the ice,
Our hearts melted as she spoke,
We stood still under the siver moon-light,
Breathing the freshness around the clyde river.

A gentle cool breeze blew,
Drops of rain sprinkled like pearls,
Looking at each other, drowned in love,
My hands raised her chin, not for a mere peck,
but for a long, lingering, passionate
unblemished kiss....

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