Thursday, 31 May 2012

The Wisdom of Life Originated in My Mind

There seemed to be sense of grief hidden
in this gusty room
All sights are scared
those moments in time are no more lively

But when you enter the room daily
there is a blossom in the ambiance
like a fragrance from the jasmines
which instigates fire in me
stimulates my nerves
like a primordial sound

When you talk....
its a sweet and melodious stream
that flows like the gist of knowledge of music
The sound is reflected as a great form in my eyes like a lake
which resonated in my heart of mountains

When you talk....
Your inhalation is a hymn
Your exhalation is a song of life
with a nice tune in primordial beat
streaming like an unstoppable river of life

Your lavishing hair is a
"Veena" that is formed like a rainbow
in the direction of sunrise
and sun rays as its strings

You curl hair with your fingers
like clouds are playing the strings
of the "veena" on the stage of sky

Those rhythmic tweets and euphonic beats
initiate the beginning of the universe
and annotate the creation of the universe

Your lavishing cheeks and shoulder length, auburn hair like an angel
I fell for your mournful eyes and they keep haunting me
But to know that you're mine it makes life worth living

I am here and you are there miles away
The melodies are here and lovely tweets are there
Yet our souls are binded together always

The roses in my garden remind me your smile
I look at the stars in the sky, as if they are your eyes
I am sending melodic heart beats through the clouds

I can only see you in my dreams,
Yet believe, you're out there waiting for me too
Miles and miles away..............

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