Friday, 21 December 2012

What is time...??

I ask myself... What is time?
These Events, Incidents, Conflicts,
Every grief, Every joy, Every torment,
Every pleasure, Every smile,
Every tear, Every song, Every scent.

It may be the pain of a wound
Or the magic of tender touch,
One lonely voice or cries around;
Successes and failures assailing the mind;
The upheavals of care, the tumult of the heart.

All feelings, All emotions, Are like leaves
Floating on the surface of the water.
As they swim along
Now here, Now there,
And now they disappear, gone from sigh,
But there must be something flowing along.
What is this river?
What hills has it come from?
To what sea is it going?

I ask myself
What is time?
What is this thing that goes on without pause?
If it did not pass, then where could it have been?
It must be somewhere.
Where did it come from? Where did it go?
Where did the process start? Where will it end?

I ask myself
What is time?
Sometimes when I see trees from a moving car,
It seems they go in the opposite way.
But in reality the trees are standing still.
So it can be that all our centuries,
Row upon row, are standing still?
Can it be that time is fixed,
And we alone are in motion?

Can it be that in this one moment
All moments, all centuries are hidden?
No future, no past.
What has gone by is happening now.
What will come about is happening now.
I think can it be possible that, this is true
That we are in motion?

I ask myself
What is time?
This glorious universe, it seems
Even today is not content with all its glory.
At every moment it becomes wider and vaster.
It stretches out its arms
And with its fingers like galaxies
Touches other parts of space.

If this is true, outside the bounds of all we can imagine
Somewhere there will certainly be a part of space,
Which so far it has not touched
With its fingers like galaxies,
Where nothing has happened.
A part of space, which has not heard the creator’s command,
Be! Where god does not yet exist.

And in that place there will be no time
One day this glorious universe will reach
This untouched part of space.
And then with its whole existence
It will cry: Be! Time will be born there also.
If there is birth, then there is death.
I think it is not true
That time has no end and no beginning.

The thread is very long
But somewhere the thread will have an end.
Now humankind is confused
Because it was born in this cage of time.
It was brought up and raised here.

But now human has discovered
That outside the cage of time
There lies another part of space.
So he ponders, he asks,
What is time?
What is time...

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