Friday, 5 March 2010

Why don't you release me?

Ohh my Love, Heyy baby, ooo ooo ohh ohhhh ooo ooo hiii yaa
I am mad for you.. am I?, I need to tell you how I feel
But how should I?, that you have completely changed my life
I am no longer belong to my self, long way ago I am all yours
From Heaven god has gifted u to me as a bless, which I couldn't reject 
Peirced into my heart by enlightning, Can it resist from ur lovely flames?
Are you just a dream or real? please express... ohh my dear !!
How to capture this real dream? or How to bear if it is just a dream?
Feels like you are mine, yet in the next second you disappear 
You don't let break my heart, yet won't share your life with me
Won't let me speak, neither let me escape from you... my friend 
To exist, I resist from this illusion, but won't exist with out your love
Is it a curse to have a relationship with you?, like a sweet poision..!
Smile on ur lips, is it a silence? or melodic beats to vibrate my heart?
I was a free bird and captured in ur love cage with my wings set on fire
Why don't you stop this play? Why don't you release me baby?

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