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Andhra Kutralu Exposed By Wiki Leaks -- Nadendla Manohar, Chandrababu, ABN & Governer 's Inovolvement

WikiLeaks reports the then Deputy Speaker Nadendla Manohar (now the Speaker) discussed with US consul general the situation in Telangana and the issue of a separate statehood. The files disclose that the US learnt through local contacts and press reports of a fear among the police that the Naxalites were on the path of resurgence in Andhra Pradesh by fomenting trouble during the Telangana agitation.

In the latter part of 2009 as TRS president K Chandrasekhar Rao spearheaded the movement for statehood for Telangana and the Centre acquiesced to his demands with a statement on the roadmap for Telangana, the US administration appears to have closely followed it and sought opinions of academics K C Reddy, the then chairman of
AP State Council Of Higher Educa tion, and Deputy Speaker Nadendla Manohar through its consulate-general.

In the expose on the US administration's coverage of Telangana issue, the WikiLeaks speaks of US knowledge based on local contacts and press reports that law enforcement believes CPI (Maoist) elements are helping to organise some of the activities of Telangana student bodies. The WikiLeaks has published the cables sent on the situation by the Consulate General office in Hyderabad.

(http:// 2010/01/ 10HYDERABAD2.html). The cables were sent in the name of Consul General Cornelis Keur. Nadendla Manohar, then Deputy Speaker of AP Legislative Assembly, "told CongenOff (Consulate General Office) that the police are convinced that, like in 1969, the current unrest over Telangana statehood will result in a successful recruiting campaign by Naxalite forces in the region." Mr Manohar, as per the WikiLeaks, noted that many former Naxalite leaders emerged from the earlier agitations and they garnered significant sympathy throughout Telangana due to their support of statehood.

Mr Manohar, who represents the Tenali constituency in Coastal Andhra's Guntur district, also remarked that many of the "radical members" of the Telangana students joint action committee were 30 plus year old students from the Madiga community, who were well past future career concerns and would continue to agitate whether or not the academic year was lost. The WikiLeaks also covers how the US files speak of active role being taken up by the student organisations and political joint action committee (T JAC).
Telangana Students Roar But Don't Bite 
3. (U) The TS-JAC invited students from colleges throughout the 
region to participate in the January 3 "Vidyarthi Garjana" rally 
on the campus of Osmania University (OU) in Hyderabad.  Student 
organizers had predicted that a massive mobilization would bring 
as many as 500,000 people to the rally.  In the end, 
approximately 80,000 students participated in a surprisingly 
well organized and peaceful outpouring of support for groups 
championing Telangana statehood. 
(U) SUMMARY: Longtime Congress party stalwart and 
underperforming Governor of Andhra Pradesh (AP) Narayan Dutt 
Tiwari resigned following a sex scandal involving allegedly 
trafficked women.  Two days later, Chhattisgarh Governor ELS 
Narasimhan, a former Intelligence Bureau (IB) Chief and fluent 
Telugu speaker, was sworn in as Governor of Andhra Pradesh. 
Media speculation about the timing of the revelations in the 
midst of the controversy over Telangana (ref A) has led some 
observers to question whether it will further delay decisive GoI 
action on the statehood issue. END SUMMARY. 

(SBU) Rampant media speculation about the timing of the 
revelations ascribes either pro- or anti-statehood motives to 
ABN Andhra Jyothi, which was inaugurated on October 15, 2009. 
Some analysts cite this media expose as an attempt to delay the 
creation of a new state, pointing to the friendship between the 
channel's owner, Vemuri Radhakrishna, and N. Chandrababu Naidu, 
leader of the opposition Telugu Desam Party (TDP).  Naidu, a 
former Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, has seemed reluctant to 
reaffirm his party's commitment to separate statehood.  Other 
analysts point the presence of Andhra Jyothi Editor, K. 
Srinivas, at a pro-statehood event sponsored by the U.S.-based 
Telangana Development Forum and postulate that Narisimhan's 
ascension to governor cements the case for statehood.  A 
journalist from a rival news organization claiming close ties to 
the reporters of ABN Andhra Jyothi dismissed the pro-and 
anti-statehood theories - the true motive of the expose was to 
HYDERABAD 00000138  002.2 OF 002 
capture as much market share as possible for the new station by 
putting out a sensational story.  He added that this story has 
been in development for six months and the timing is just 

A Governor Takes Flight 
2. (U) On December 26, Narayan Dutt Tiwari, the Governor of AP, 
tendered his resignation to GoI President Pratibha Patil.  The 
resignation, accepted immediately, came a day after the 24-hour 
Telugu language news channel ABN Andhra Jyothi aired an expose 
embroiling the Governor in a sex scandal.  The report purported 
that Governor Tiwari and officials at Raj Bhavan were 
trafficking young women from Uttarakhand on the pretext of 
employment; these women were then forced to sate the sexual 
advances of the Governor.  The channel broadcast a grainy video 
allegedly showing Governor Tiwari engaged in flagrante with 
three young women at his official residence.  In a scene 
reminiscent of the recently cancelled march on the State 
Assembly in support of Telangana statehood (ref B), Women's 
groups immediately began to protest at the gate of the Raj 
Bhavan.  Media reports indicate that the decision to demand that 
Governor Tiwari vacate his post came from New Delhi following a 
high-level United Progressive Alliance (UPA) meeting chaired by 
Congress party leader Sonia Gandhi and Prime Minister Manmohan 

An Ace Reliever 
3. (SBU) On December 27, the GoI asked current Chhattisgarh 
Governor ELS Narasimhan to accept the additional charge of 
Governor for Andhra Pradesh.  A fluent Telugu speaker, 
Narasimhan reportedly attended a meeting with GoI Home Minister 
P. Chidambaram to discuss the issue of Telangana statehood a few 
days prior to the current controversy.  As a former Intelligence 
Bureau (IB) Chief, analysts expect him to provide the Congress 
leadership with more accurate information and better insight 
into the current political turmoil in the state than the 
outgoing Tiwari.  [COMMENT: In meetings with Congenoffs over the 
past two years, Governor Tiwari appeared at times to have a 
shaky grip on current affairs in the state. END COMMENT].  The 
Chief Justice of the AP High Court administered the oath of 
office on December 28.  Governor Narasimhan emerged from the 
1968 batch of the AP cadre of the Indian Police Service (IPS). 

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