Monday, 7 January 2013

Walking in Glasgow

From Strathclyde to my Home
From door to door
From sun dawn to moon light
Forever passing by
We are two fellow travellers
Talking to each other on my way
I and "my wandering"
Through Glasgow streets

Walking every day
From one day to another
Walking with time
Mornings rise lazily
Evenings fall promptly
The colors are static
Scotland always slips promptly
Through the fingers of the sun
Days and nights are
A settlement of darkness

Walking every day in those dark lanes
With a gush of many feelings
Flowing inside my heart
Like ripples in the Clyde river
Moon light reflection in those ripples
Moon the mirror in dark sky
In the mirror, how fair is Glasgow

Like a Scottish girl
Body is always glowing
Lips painted thick
Drunken eyes, lavishing cheeks
Full of jasmine fragrance
Instigating fire in me
Stimulating my nerves
Like a resonated beat in highlands

The lava of beauty
Flaming and melting
Slowly creeping forward
While I am wandering through dark lanes

I go from one street to another
I move from one square to another
I am a different letter in each square
From one square to another
Is a combination of letters
Every day journey
From Strathclyde to my Home
Is a collection of meaningful words
I and "my wandering" are
Talking to each other
Like two fellow travellers
Who meet every day.....!!!!

All our journeys
Are not lonely
Are not silent
Are not in vain
Leading us somewhere
Even if not to the end of the CYCLE !!!!

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